A chance encounter that only God could have planned out!

This morning I decided to head down to the Park Avenue Arts festival here in Rochester, N.Y., and I made up some more “Ticket to Heaven, witness cards” to hand out if an opportunity arose to possibly spread the words of Jesus. I prayed to God for opportunities before I left and off I went! On my way there I find that the inner loop in the city was closed so I proceeded to take a short cut, which ended me in the wrong direction and in a sketchy part of town. I come to a stop sign and I hear the words of a preacher man over a loud speaker. Low and behold here is this man in the park with loud speakers and a pulpit speaking the words of Jesus all by himself!  I feel strongly lead, so I stop and talk with the man and thank him for having the caojones to preach the word from this corner of town! I put my arm around him and hand him his ticket to heaven! He is emotionally ecstatic and thanks me and prays for me, he thanks the lord for bringing me to him; I thank the Lord right back! I was going to read the card to him but I was lead to read it out loud via the microphone instead! What an experience that was! Gives me chills just thinking about it! Now, here I am preaching on a corner in a sketchy part of town! He tells me I was the third person that actually stopped. I asked him how long he had been out here for and he did not know, he was there most of the morning. He seemed like he had about enough! The previous man he spoke to told him the Lord would send him a preacher man and I was that man! He was truly blessed and thanked the Lord for bringing me his way! We talked for a little while and it turns out he and I have similar backgrounds and have come to know the lord in a similar way! He was going to preach some more over the loud speaker but the system quit working! So He packed up, we exchanged information and off I went! The Lords work was done! The Lord certainly does things in mysterious ways to join people together! What a morning! A morning that the lord made! And I am glad He allowed me to be part of it! I never did make it to the arts festival; I tried finding a place to park, but gave up and came home instead!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – August 3, 2013

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