Another Monday…

Another Monday…
Another work day has begun.
Oh how weary we may feel!
Today my friends…
Is the day to live for Christ!
We work for our Lord and Savior!
We ask for His will to be done as it is in Heaven!
We occupy the time and await for His appearance!
The time is near, the time is short!
Let us live upright!
Let us shine brightly for Christ!
No matter how hard it may seem.
No matter how hard you may be struggling.
God knows!
And He is with you!
Turn to God, and put all your trust in His Son!
You will win the battle!
You willl overcome!
And in the end…
Oh what an awesome day that day will be!
To hear those words…
“Well done good and faithful servant”
Oh what a glorious day that will be!
So don’t quit!
Don’t throw in the towel!
You can do this!
Now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all! Amen! And Amen!
~CLB~ 3/04/2019

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