Five Phases Of The Christian Life – Phase 3

Christian! Yes you! Christ follower! Now that you are on the right path to the heavenly realms you must live it! Live in this land of hope that God has provided you and feed from it! Breathe in the life that God has given you through His Son Jesus Christ. Be all that you can be by continually seeking God’s word through the reading of your bible and attending a good bible teaching church. Learn from the teachings and listen to what God has to say! Spread the gospel and shine the light of Christ to all those around you. Love your neighbor as you would love yourself, spread the good news of Christ and share your own story of victory.

And as you run this race called life keep in fellowship with like minds by spending quality time with other believers. For they are now your brothers and sisters in Christ. Like minded, and ready to come along side you and help you along your way, as you will do the same for them as you continue through this journey of faith as you live for Christ and God’s goodness! And as you walk the walk and talk the talk, pray!

Lord God Help me be all that I can be in You. Help me walk the walk and talk the talk. Help me shine Your beautiful light of love to all who cross my path. Help me to be a friend in the time of need, a brother in Christ available and willing to sharpen Iron with Iron! Keep me humbled, keep me safe, keep me filled with Your Holy Spirit. It is in Your wonderful name I pray!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr. – May 4, 2017

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