“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with lovingkindness I have drawn you” – Jeremiah 31:3 (NKJV)

The Lord loves you! And He loves you in a way that no other person on this earth could ever love you! He loves you with an everlasting love, a love that will never go away! A love that will last forever and indeed stand the test of time! When you feel empty inside, know this… You have a God that is near, He is by your side! Ready to go above and beyond the length and depth that you could ever go! He will lift you up to the heavenly realms and give you life! Look to the Lord and live! Look to the Lord and prosper! Trust in God and He will draw you near! The lord is not slack in His promises, and He will stand firm to His truths! He will never forsake you, He will never leave you! For, He loves His children! And He will keep them and protect them! He will keep them from being harmed! And He will bless the for all eternity!

Lord God, 
I put my trust in You, I commit my life to You! You are amazing, and Your love does indeed last forever! Your love draws me near to You, and I prosper! Thank you for showing me your loving kindness and grace! I am forever in Your debt! Thank You for forgiving me of my sins! Thank you for giving up Your son to die on that cross for my sins! I repent and stand tall in your truths! I leave behind those sins! I leave them at the foot of the cross where Your blood was spilled for all who have faith and put their trust in You! I praise Your wonderful name Father! And it is in that name I am glad to repeat! Jesus oh wonderful Jesus! Amen!

Craig Bradshaw – October 23, 2014

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