God makes beauty out of a mess

Evil minded.
Self centered.
Deep within my soul these things I certainly possess.
Deep within my soul I’m indeed a mess!
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
You are there to lead me towards the path of righteousness,
towards the path that leads to life.
In the deepest pit and at the lowest of my lows,
You speak to me through your Holy Spirit.
You work within me,
You refresh my soul.
Though I may fall time and time again,
You’re always there to pick me back up to begin the process all over again.
You wash me,
you make me clean,
You make beauty out of my mess!
Evil minded.
Self centered.
That’s me!
These things I possess!
But I’ve put them away,
I stand tall in Your all!
Jesus, You’re my Savior the one who went through it all!
You died for my dirtiness, my shame, the sin within!
Without You I can do nothing! 
Without You I’m lost to a world that just spins!
I’m a sinner that needs to be saved!
A sinner that needs Your loving grace!
Now this is the time, this is the place!
Forgive me Father for I have sinned!
You know what to do!
You know what to say!
Feed me Your word!
Work within me, give me peace, give me rest!
Lord God, You can certainly make beauty out of my mess!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – June 8, 2016

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