God’s Word is Our Hope!

I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, And in His word I do hope ~ Psalms 130:5 (NKJV)

Every day I wake up waiting on The Lord, my soul waits patiently for Him. When He speaks to me through the reading of His word He comforts me, He humbles me, He gives me Hope! His word gives me a warm and comfortable place to go, it soothes my soul! Without God’s word I would be lost in an endless hole!

We should all be so blessed that we are able to speak with our creator through His written word, through the truths of the Bible, through the words of His people who were inspired by His Holy presence and His Human presence! How wonderful it would have been to be able to walk with Jesus! To be in His presence and to actually speak to him and hear his audible voice! To be comforted by His words!

Well I am here to tell you reading God’s word can be Just like that! Take some time everyday away from the hustle and bustle! Read God’s word and He will speak to you! Listen closely; meditate on what He has to say! He will comfort you! He will give you Hope! Reach out to The Lord and He will find you! He knows your heart; He can comfort your soul! Take a walk with Jesus, be comforted by His word!

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your word, thank you for your truths, and thank you for your Son! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to speak with you, thank you for filling our souls with your Holy Spirit. Thank you for giving us Hope in this God forsaken world! Your word comforts our soul and gives life to our bones! Lord I can go on forever, but you know the heart you know the soul! Thank you! Thank you Thank you! In Jesus’ wonderful name amen!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – July 25, 2013

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