Hear me, O Lord!

Hear me, O Lord, for Your lovingkindness is good; Turn to me according to the multitude of Your tender mercies. And do not hide Your face from Your servant, For I am in trouble; Hear me speedily. (Psalms 69:16, 17 NKJV)

Are you in trouble? Is your life a mess? Get things back in order by looking to God! For His loving kindness is good to those who seek His face! To those who have genuine faith! Put your trust in The Lord and He will indeed rescue you from this pit that is sometimes hard to call life. The Lord’s mercies are great, The Lord’s mercies are everlasting! He will deliver you from all your troubles! He will give you the peace and comfort to survive this troublesome world! He will give you the hope that’s needed to live life to its fullest! One day soon there will be no more pain, no more suffering, no more death. Cry out to The Lord today and you will be delivered! If you have not already done so, invite Jesus into your life today! For He is your only way to God, your only way to the one that can give you everlasting joy and peace! I tell you the truth! You won’t regret it!

Heavenly Father,
Your mercies are indeed new every morning! You give the peace and comfort that is always needed! Without you we are indeed lost to a God forsakin world! Thank you for allowing everyone who cry’s out to you a way to enter Your throne room of grace! We bow down to You oh great one! Thank you for allowing Your son to be the savior of the world! We invite Him into our lives! For we need all the help we can get! Thank you for providing a way to a life full of joy and peace! Thank you for the hope that is so easily received just by making a commitment and living a life with Jesus in the Lead! Father we give you all the glory and Honor and it is in Jesus’ name we thank you, amen!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – January 19, 2014

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