Here I Sit Pondering My Thoughts

Here I sit pondering my thoughts…
Words can’t describe what’s going on in my mind.
So many things stirring within.
The sin, the dirtiness, the emptiness, the imagination, it’s a disgrace!
The human mind is such a mess!
But then I reminded God gives grace to those who humble themselves before His throne.
To those who repent and ask for forgiveness.
We look to God and He helps us clear our minds.
He helps us put away those sinful thoughts and deeds!
Jesus died for me so I can live!
He died for you!
He died for all!
Jesus is our second chance!
Jesus is the one that we run to!
He fills that emptiness within and helps us stand tall in His all!
Jesus is alive and He’s long risen from the grave!
He sits at the right hand of God ready and willing to go before us!
To protect us from our sinful minds!
He goes before us and battles it out!
He lays his life on the line for His friends!
Is Jesus your friend?
He can break the chains from your captivity!
He can help you rise from the ashes!
He can help you overcome your sin!
All you need to do is let Him in!
Jesus I repent!
I obstain from these evil thoughts.
I keep then within.
I fill my mind afresh with Your Holy Word.
I’m washed with your blood!
I pick up my own cross and stand tall in your all!
I can do it!
I can overcome!
Jesus you are my savior!
Here I sit in comfort knowing I am loved!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – July 6, 2017

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