Here We Go Again!

Here we go again,

Living a life full of sin.

A life full of hypocrisy,

Full of lies and deceit!

Here I am fulfilling my own prophecy,

Right now as I speak! 

I can’t keep doing this,

The cycle needs to break!

Help me Lord before I make another mistake!

I give you my soul, I give you my all!

Please pull me from this useless pit

And remove these chains before I fall!

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit!

Give me peace so I can sleep!

I need your loving grace Lord,

I’m definitely in to deep!

I need a heavenly place to go,

Far from this crazy world,

Far from the fiery depths below!

Send me to Your heavenly kingdom,

Where the streets are made of gold

And the milk and honey overflows!

It’s your will I seek Lord!

Help me be all that I can be!

I commit my life to your hands!

That is where I need to be!

Amen and hallelujah!

To You be the glory!

Here’s to the Lion!

The Lion of Judah!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr ~ November 9, 2019

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