Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit speak to me

Holy Spirit make me see

Open my eyes

And show them to me

Those of the broken hearted

Those with the tears that hide

Those who need to hear from you

That may be broken inside

Prompt me to see

Help me to understand

Open my heart

As much as you can

Fill me with your Spirit

And give me a hand

Help me to preach your word

To all that I can

Come to me

Lend me your ear

Here I stand Lord

Ready to serve

Holy Spirit I need You

Holy Spirit they need You

Off to The Holy land

To the heavenly realms

You prepare a place

Where we shall one day go

Those who believe

That Jesus is king

Who hung on a cross

Was buried

But rose again

And now sits on the right hand of God

Waiting for those that have faith in Him!

To join in the quest to save sinners

To heal the broken hearted

To bless those in need

Here we are!

Holy Spirit come!

Let us begin!

The victorious life

We win!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – May 11, 2018

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