I always knew you were there!

I always knew you were thereI always knew you were there!
You even spoke to me but I ignored you!
You touched me but I pushed you away!
You showed me the right way but I chose the wrong way!
You hinted to me but I didn’t listen!
You tried to teach me but I did it my way!
You invited me in but I refused to enter!
You gave me many chances but I always refused you!
But In my darkest hour I called upon you and you answered me!
I asked for your helping hand and you gave it to me.
I asked that you lend an ear and you listened to me.
I cried out for forgiveness and you gave it to me!
I fell time and time again and you were always there to pick me up!
I didn’t deserve anything! But you gave me your all!
There’s nothing I can do without you!
If I go it alone I will fail every time!
Thank you for never giving up on me!
Thank you for always being there!
There’s nothing I can give you that you don’t already have.
But the least I can do is give you my life, give you my all!
I will follow your Son; I will follow your call!
Jesus is my savior; my soul is His to take!
Please forgive me father for all my mistakes!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – September 13, 2013

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