I’m A Soldier!

The following poem is dedicated to all those who stand tall and fight for our freedom. May God bless them all abundantly!

Alone, lost, confused.
Where am I?
Am I alive?
Is this a dream?
I feel like I’m walking down an endless road leading to nowhere.
It’s hot, I feel like I’m in hell!
Then it hits me!
I am in the middle of nowhere!
I’m in the middle of the desert!
I’ve got my gun
My helmets on!
My flak jacket is secure!
What the hell am I doing?
What’s wrong with me?
Am I nuts!
No! Not at all!
I’m in the military!
I’m here to serve!
I’m here so my family has a safe place to live!
I’m here so my family and those that I love can live free!
I’m here to fight for my rights!
I’m here to protect and serve!
I fight for my country!
The hot damn US of A!
I’m a soldier!
I’m a man of war!
And I take my stand!
I take my life and I lay it down!
Just like Christ!
And if I die!
I die for my country!
I die for freedom!
Hot damn!
I’m a soldier!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr. – June 8, 2017

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