I’ve counted the cost! Let’s begin!

Does life seem confusing?
Are you feeling lost?
Let me tell you this,
I have an idea?
Let’s count the cost!
Listen closely,
Let me begin…
For the Spirit of The Lord must work within…
He knows where to start,
He knows your heart.
Deep within He hears your thoughts!
He knows your needs.
He knows where you must proceed!
Starting with faith!
You must believe!
For Christ is your only hope!
He’s your connection to God!
Without him you are nothing!
You won’t get it done!
Look to Jesus,
Seek His face!
Read His word and abide in His way!
He will give you grace,
And you will live to see that day…
Where all the pain will go away!
But until then Let The Lord set you free!
Free from the meaningless things!
The things that don’t last!
Love your neighbor, not yourself!
Cherish every moment,
For the time is short!
Forget about the desires of the flesh and repent!
Give yourself to God, and let Jesus fill you afresh!
Dear God forgive me of my sin!
Please listen to my soul within!
I need your help!
I don’t want it to be all about me!
Lead me! Help me succeed!
I count the cost!
I follow you!
I pick up my cross!
How far? How wide? You ask?
There is no measurement!
There is no calculation!
Accept this one…
I Love The Lord God with all my heart!
Fill my soul with Your love!
Help me start a new life!
A life where your will be done not mine!
In Jesus name I speak these words!
I tell you this…
I’ve counted the cost! Let’s begin!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – March 1, 2014

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