Let’s Begin…

Let’s begin..

Deep within my soul…

The emptiness,

The void,

The hunger,

The pain!

I look to you,

You fill me up!

Your encouraging word

It lifts me up!

No matter how bad it gets,

Your love burns deep!

You’re always there!

I thirst,

My mouth is dry,

You quench my soul!

When I weep,

Your love overflows!

Without you

I am lost!

Without you

I must count the cost!

I pick up my own cross

I follow you!

I walk in your path,

The blessings flow!

My heart burns for you,

I need you!

Thank you Jesus!

Thank you God!

Forever in your debt!

I will live for you!

I proclaim the gospel…

You came,

You died,

You were buried,

You rose,

Your seat is in heaven,

Your throne is of gold!

There you wait,

There you sit,

You will not faulter!

You will not faint!

The same today!

The same Tomorrow!

Forever and ever,

Your kingdom come!

That still small voice,

Your Holy Spirit!

You speak to me!


lay it all down,

Your heavy burdens,

Your worries,

I give you rest!

I give you peace!

In God I trust!

In Jesus I believe!

I am saved,

I am found!

From here to eternity,

Heavenly bound!

Thank you God!

Thank you Father!


That I am!


That I am!

Thank you Jesus!

Here I am!

Send me!

Arms held high,

Arms held wide,

Forgive me Father!

For I am a sinner!

deep within,

This fire burns!

I need you now!

Let’s begin!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr. – March 20, 2016.

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