Lost And Lonely

I wander the streets
with this loneliness I just can’t fill.
The drugs,
the alcohol,
they make my life stand still!
Deep down inside
it just won’t go away!
I’m hungry!
I’m tired!
I’ve had a long day!
This emptiness inside
its makin life rough!
I want it all to end!
I’ve had enough!
Should I be searching for something?
I just don’t know!
The honey’s their stacking up
and I’m rollin in dough.
The benz is shiny
and the engine’s all fired up!
I’m ready to go!
I’m steppin on the gas,
but I’m just spinin my wheels!
Heading down a lonley highway
with so much zeal!
Life’s feelin good on the outside!
But it’s a mess on the inside!
What’s the next step?
Do I repeat the cycle?
Do I keep on going?
I don’t know!
I’m hungry!
I’m tired!
I’ve had enough!
This emptiness inside
makes me wanna give up!
Is there more to this life than this?
I dunno!
What’s the next step?
Do I repeat the cycle?
I reach out to God!
I call to the higher power!
I know you’re out there!
Speak to me!
For its my final hour!
What’s a guy gotta do?
I’ve come to the end of my rope!
I’ve reached the end of myself!
Help me God!
Would you please!
I need you!
I’m broken,
I’m hurting inside!
Fill me up afresh
and give me rest!
Take me away
from this big ole mess!
I’m listening for you!
Speak to me!
I need the truth!
Is this what life’s all about?
What’s a guy gotta do!

God’s reply…
“Look to me son!
Take my hand!
You don’t need all this worldly stuff!
Walk with me
and take a stand!
I will fill that void!
I will fill that emptiness inside.
My word it will fill you up
through my Son Jesus Christ!
Listen up!
Life is way too short
when you’re living in sin!
Look to eternity!
Store up your treasures in heaven!
Keep your sin within!
Look to me,
I will give you rest!
I will do all the work!
All you need to do
is stop livin in the flesh!
I will be the one
that you can trust!
I will fill that empty hole
and refresh your soul!
Don’t be down on yourself.
You don’t have to feel disgraced!
Because you can win this race!
You’re just a sinner who’s lost!
A sinner in need!
A child of mine
Who was created for more!
Come to me for forgiveness
and I will set you free!
I will help you be the man
you need to be!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – written April 10, 2017, finalized August 24, 2017

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