My God! My God!

Time and time again I have failed The Lord
But He is always ever so merciful to me.
I beg for His forgiveness
And He forgives me.
His love is an everlasting love and
No matter how bad I have sinned
He always loves me.
For, He is the same yesterday today and tomorrow.
Forever from here to eternity and beyond!
He is always there for me.
My God! My God! You are indeed the living God!
Always by my side through thick and thin!
When I see the footsteps in the sand
It is your Son that carries me through it all!
Without Him I am nothing!
Without Jesus I am dead bones lying with dead bones!
Thank you for all that You have done!
I am forever in Your debt!
It is Your will that I try so hard to accomplish!
But I need Your help!
Help me Lord!
Help me to see the end of that tunnel!
Show me Your everlasting light!
Show me Your way!
My God! My God!

~CLB~ 03/05/2019

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