O Man Of Faith

O Man Of Faith
O what a glory it is!
You put your trust in God
And you follow His word!
You have faith like a mustard seed
And stand tall like the cedar of lebanon!
You allow Jesus to lead your life.
Jesus is your one and all!
As you look to the future
You see God’s promises,
You see the things that are unseen,
You see the bigger picture.
You are aware of what’s truth
And you stay away from what’s false!
Jesus is Your friend to the end!
You carry your own cross.
You walk in the blood of christ.
And you know that He died for you!
He died for your sins!
You have fear and reverence for God!
You stand tall in His all!
You do not waver
But you do realize You are a man
You may fall!
But you get back up
And stand tall!
You suffer for righteous sake!
You are blessed when the trials come
Because you know God will get you through them all!
O man Of faith
You love God
And you know he loves you!
You have victory I’m Christ!
You are heaven bound!
O Man Of faith!
Don’t ever quit!
Never give up!
The victory far out weighs
The temporary pleasures of this world!
O Man Of faith!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – August 23, 2017

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