Such is Life!

The summer is over and autumn is here; the leaves on the trees have begun to change colors and will be quickly falling to the ground. Soon the rains will come and the temperatures will drop and before we know it, that white fluffy stuff will once again show its cold blistery face! And for some of us… we just might not want anything to do with it! But don’t fret! Before you know it spring will be here and the process will start all over again! All things that look old will become new! And just like life, it’s a process that we all must go through!

There are the highs,
There are the lows,
There are the steady streams,
And the heavy flows.
But such is life!
An up and down battle,
We all go through it!
Things are going well,
Things are going bad.
We are happy,
We are sad.
We are rich,
We are poor.
We do our best,
We do are worst.
We live,
We die.
We worry,
We strive.
But through it all
We must hold our chins up high!
We stand tall,
We give it our all!
We seek God
And we seek His face!
He knows what we’re going through,
He knows what to do!
God will get us through it all!
But we must have faith!
We let Jesus lead the way!
He will guide us through the storms,
He will give us peace!
He will give us joy through it all!
Trust God,
Have faith!
You will, win this race!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – September 11, 2016

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