There It Sits!

There it sits in all it’s glory!
Full of chrome!
Shiny as can be!
When sitting still it looks so fast!
Very old, lookin so new!
Inviting to look at!
But it’s gotta go!
It’s gotta run!
Cold blooded, but hotter than hell!
Brought to life it purrs like a kitten.
At the twist of the throttle it roars like a lion!
Let out the clutch, it’s off like a cheetah!
Smooth as can be!
Responsive like a jet!
Through the twisty turns it’s as nimble as can be!
The open road is its friend.
The clear skies keeps it going.
What is it?
One mans pride and joy!
Now another man’s ultimate dream!
A 1976 Honda Goldwing GL1000 LTD!
There it sits in the garage…
The gold trim looking like a million bucks!
Always ready to run on the open road!
To ride hard and run free!
Thanks ole man!
You’re always with me!
Let’s ride!

Craig L Bradshaw Jr – August 13, 2017

Craig L Bradshaw Sr sitting on the 1976 Honda GL 1000 LTD

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