Turn to The Lord and live!

Jesus gives life!
He gives meaning and purpose.
Without Jesus we’re just lost souls living on the edge of a cliff,
If we stumble, we fall, we head nowhere but down.
If we walk with Jesus He secures us.
If we stumble He will reach out and pull us back up.
Turn to The Lord and live!
Trust in yourself, continue to thirst.
Trust in The Lord, get living water that sustains you forever.
Enter through the narrow gates!
Jesus is the one you need!
Never hunger, never thirst, Have faith and believe!
You say You don’t believe? 
Take my advice, get on your knees!
Turn to The Lord and live!
Pray, and receive the bread of life, the gift of life.
A life that leads to Heaven.
A life so full your cup runs over!
Turn to The Lord and be blessed!
You are a sinner, a begger for bread.
You need His forgiveness, 
Let him pull you up from the pit!
He wil place you high on a rock away from the enemies reach.
Turn to The Lord and live!
Pray the prayer,
Father forgive me I can’t do it on my own,
I need You, I’m a sinner, save my soul!
Please forgive me so that I may live!
I turn to You, I repent!
Here I am, take me to that land of milk and honey!
I want everlasting life, the glorious life in You!
A life that brings You all the glory!
A life with meaning and purpose!
I turn to You Lord and live!

Craig Bradshaw – a sinner who’s been forgiven! I turned to The Lord! I live! – June 22, 2014

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